Thorfinn's Maps
The main Geographical Mapping section of my Atlas of Mystara project involves a comprehensive effort to map the world of Mystara, both inside and out. On these pages, you can find the complete collection of these maps. I originally posted them to the Mystara Message Board between February 2005 and summer 2006. Now after a two year break, I have announced the full project, and established a forum for it at The Piazza. For more information on these maps, please visit my Geographical Mapping sub-forum there.

Shughuy kindly put these pages together for me back in 2005. The maps are divided into two categories: replica maps and updated maps. Replicas are accurate recreations of existing maps, usually including errors and such, but using my hex art, and they come in two versions: using my palette, and using a palette based on the original colours of each map. Updated maps are my own interpretation of all the available sources, fixing errors and consistency to create a new super-accurate set of Mystaran maps. You can read more about this process at the Atlas of Mystara Geographical Mapping forum.

If you are interested in using my hex art to create your own maps, you can download the resources here. You'll need Adobe Illustrator CS or higher to use the files.

Enjoy the maps.

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